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MASKA LLC (ТМ “SENSE”) is Russia’s manufacturer of disposable medical products.

We specialize in manufacturing and wholesaling disposable medical face masks from advanced nonwoven materials. All production materials are properly certified.

We use fully automated, cutting-edge equipment in compliance with GMP and applicable quality standards. With full-cycle production, we can ensure high quality, wide range of products, custom approach, and flexible pricing.


Full protection against bacteria and viruses

These healthcare aids are among the most popular and effective means of protection against ARVI and flue, dust and allergens. Plus, face masks are widely used in medical institutions, skin care salons, and chemical labs. Medical masks are a great way to protect your respiratory system from hazardous substances and microorganisms. Carbon filter masks filter smoke, smog, unpleasant fragrances, and hazardous gases. It’s an ideal solution for people living in big industrial cities.

Innovative materials

We use synthetic nonwoven materials designed to produce disposable medical products. The eco-friendly, antibacterial materials are solid, durable, heat-resistant, and resistant to chemical substances, fungus, and mold. They have excellent air permeability, do not conduct static electricity or provoke allergic reactions. Soft and lightweight, they are similar to delicate cotton fabrics.

Another great thing about these nonwoven materials is that they are relatively cheap and easy-to-use.

Unique technology and ergonomic solution

“SENSE” masks feature a unique manufacturing technology that involves rolling three layers of soft and flexible materials. Unlike conventional material joining methods (gluing-heating-sewing), this technology creates a soft and comfortable mask.

Our masks feature an antibacterial filter made from 100% melt-blown polypropylene. An improved design (3 plies directed downwards) enables easy breathing. The external layer is made from water-repellant, nonwoven material that protects the filter from body liquids. Adaptable nose piece molds to the face, ensuring better protection. The nose piece is sealed into a plastic band which prevents it from being twisted and broken. Elastic ear loops are light and comfortable, making the mask ideal for extended wear.

With our unique manufacturing technology, ergonomic design, and advanced materials, “SENSE” products feature the best air permeability among disposable face masks and provide up to 99% filtration efficiency (depending on the number of filtering layers).

Original and custom design

Dedicated to catering to our clients’ needs, we are constantly expanding our lineup and monitoring the market for new trends. For example, our “SENSE Charisma” masks are designed especially for children. They relieve stress associated with visiting a healthcare facility, channel positive vibes, and invigorate both medical staff and little patients.

Along with standard masks, we also produce duckbill half-masks. Fitting tightly to the face, they provide the maximum level of protection against bacteria, dust, and toxic aerosols.

For pharmacy networks, we offer packs of 1 to 3 individually packed masks. When visiting an outpatient clinic or hospital, you can use a vending machine to buy medical masks.

Plus, we produce customized masks, with various patterns and corporate identity elements both on the mask and its packaging.